How do you get porcelain skin tone?

How do you get porcelain skin tone?

The negative influence of the sun's rays

We are expecting warmer and sunnier weather soon, so we will spend more time outdoors. No matter how we wished for the sun, we must know that UV rays stimulate the new formation of facial hyperpigmentation, and also will make existing hyperpigmentation worse, which leads to an uneven complexion that gives the face a tired look.

How to achieve a perfect skin complexion?

Most women wish to achieve a perfect porcelain skin complexion, that is, even skin without unwanted hyperpigmentation, which gives a woman beauty and freshness. In order to achieve and maintain a perfect complexion, we recommend regularly wearing makeup with a high-protection SPF factor throughout the year, which protects not only from UV rays but also from visible light, which promotes the development of hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that the face will be fully protected. In order to maximally prevent the development of hyperpigmentation, we advise the preventive use of facial whitening creams. It is important to note that whitening creams do not remove dark skin, but only unwanted hyperpigmentation.

How to reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone?

White Skin 2 cream is intended for the prevention of hyperpigmentation, skin evening out, whitening of milder forms of melasma, and achieving the so-called porcelain complexion with a strong facial rejuvenation effect. It is recommended to start using the cream as a preventive measure after the age of 25, with the aim of long-term preservation of a perfect complexion.

How does the White Skin 2 cream work?

The main ingredient of the cream is butyl resorcinol, which acts on four main processes in the formation of hyperpigmentation, which is the main reason for its effectiveness. The difference between White Skin 2 cream and White Skin 1 and 3 creams is that White Skin 2 contains a lower concentration of the main active ingredient. Scientific articles confirm the effectiveness of the White Skin 2 cream. The cream is intended for all skin types prone to hyperpigmentation. It is applied in the morning and in the evening on a well-cleansed face without greasing it. The combination of White Skin 2 cream and the liquid foundation is the best protection and prevention for the development of unwanted hyperpigmentation (melasma).


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