Neck - hyperpigmentation
Solar lentigo, melasma, sun spots… They all manifest as brown spots. Regular perfume use and sun exposure are the main causes, and unfortunately, the skin remembers what we did to it in our twenties and thirties, because later it becomes more and more visible. By responsibly applying SPF cream, you protect the skin, and products based on resorcinol and vitamin C will reduce and even remove dark spots.
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Neck - hyperpigmentation

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If in your youth you neglected neck care in your regular skin care routine, it is likely that you have visible pigmentation, especially on the side of the neck. Black Peel treatment removes surface impurities and dead skin cells, allowing functional cosmetics to remove visible pigmentation as it can penetrate deeper into the skin and have an enhanced lightening effect.
Is hyperpigmentation removal treatment for me?

Black Peel

Black Peel is a great type of exfoliator to refresh the skin, providing an instantly refreshed look and leaving the skin softer, smoother and firmer. Although it was originally designed as a facial treatment, other parts of the body can also be treated - neck, cleavage, and hands. Black Peel is a laser treatment that provides patients with lighter, more radiant skin and rejuvenation of the deeper layer of the skin with less risk of hyperpigmentation, especially for people with darker skin types.

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