Privacy policy and terms of use of personal data

MySkin cosmetics d.o.o. Ulica grada Vukovara 284, Zagreb is a company doing business on the Croatian market. We collect and process the personal data of our customers and parties interested in our products while respecting all relevant laws and regulations.

Privacy protection is our priority, please read this information carefully!

This Privacy Policy concerns the confidentiality of personal data collected during the Customer’s registration process on the website or in the process of registration of the Users who receive product notices and website notifications from This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Purchase (Pre-contractual notices) of

MySkin cosmetics as a provider of the website complies with the applicable regulations, particularly the EU Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the objective of protecting the privacy of its Customers and Users. This document describes how the processor MySkin cosmetics d.o.o., Ulica grada Vukovara, Zagreb (hereinafter MySkin cosmetics) handles the personal data.

Customers of the website (hereinafter Customers) and Users who receive the product notices and My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna cosmetics notifications (hereinafter Users) are instructed to read the entire content of this page to understand more easily what kind of data is collected and processed by MySkin cosmetics for what purpose, pursuant to which legal regulations, with whom and why are they shared, what security measure it undertakes and what are your rights regarding the access to personal data, correction, deletion, and your right to complaint.

Any Customer or User who has any questions about personal data can send an e-mail to

By clicking to accept this Privacy Policy, while registering as a Customer or while logging into the website as a User who receives the product notices and web shop notifications, the Customer or the User confirm that they have read, understood, and agreed to the personal data processing established by this Statement.

What type of personal data is collected and processed by MySkin cosmetics via website

When registering as a Customer at the website, MySkin cosmetics will ask the future Customer to provide certain data about themselves (personal data) such as name and surname, address (including zip code), e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth (optional), username and password.

The Customer consents to the personal data processing by clicking the application button.

While registering as a User who receives product notices and website notifications from, MySkin cosmetics will request that the future User enters the personal information (personal data, namely): name (optional) and e-mail address.

Providing personal data is a decision of the Customer/User. If the Customer/User does not provide the requested necessary information for a certain activity, he or she will not be allowed to participate in such activity, because the activity is technically inapplicable without the data.

Besides such data, we also automatically collect the data from your computer, which may include the IP address, and there are also situations in which we automatically collect other types of data such as date and time of accessing the website, hardware information, software information, or Internet browser information, as well as the operating system of your computer and the version of the application and your language settings.

We also may collect the information on clicks and pages shown to you. Foveola usluge recommends the Customers to be careful when selecting the entry password for the user account on the website We recommend that you combine capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers and that you use a password of at least six characters. We also recommend that you periodically change the password (at least once per year).

For what purpose does MySkin cosmetics collect and process the personal data?

MySkin cosmetics collects and processes the personal data of the Customers of the website for the purpose of implementing a secure authentication of the Customers who interact with the website executing the contracts on purchase of goods and services, delivering the goods to the Customer, communicating with the Customer, for possible legal procedures connected to the execution of the contract, and we partially also implement the automated processing procedures to continuously improve our processes in the interest of Customers, so that the offer is more customized to the Customer, and to adjust our offer of products and services to the needs of  the costumers.

MySkin cosmetics collects and processes the personal data of the Customers logged into the Customer profile at website

MySkin cosmetics collects and process the personal data of the Users who receive the product notices for the purpose of sending notifications, invitations to prize competitions via email, social media or other communication channels to which the User has applied to, for possible legal procedures connected to the execution of the contract, to create a user profile with the purpose of individualized receipt of notices, and to improve the efficiency and quality of our services.

MySkin cosmetics does not collect the data on children. If we come to believe that such data was transferred to us without the approval of parents or guardians of the children under the age of 16 we will remove them immediately. The children under the age of 16 may not use the website No part of the website is designed in any way to attract someone under the age of 16.

What are the legal grounds for personal data processing?

By entering his or her personal data and accepting (clicking) this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Personal Data, the Customer concludes a legal relationship that represents a basis for the purchase of goods and services selected by the Customer at the website Therefore, the processing of personal data is legal since the actions are taken at the request of the Customer to finalize the purchase of the products and services ordered by the Customer.

The User who applies to receive the product notices gives consent to the processing of his or her personal data while entering the data on the website and by confirming the email address. The User may withdraw the consent by sending a notification to the Data Protection Officer on e-mail address:

With whom does MySkin cosmetics share the personal data?

MySkin cosmetics will not share the personal data of the Customer or the User with third parties, except in cases described in the following item and in situations when this is required by the regulations in force.

MySkin cosmetics will share the personal data of the Customer when this is required to realize the purchase contract or ordered services with:

  • Providers of the service of distribution of goods with whom it has signed a long-term agreement and for this purpose for completing orders, delivering
    parcels, sending regular mail, and e-mail. The provider of the service of distribution may request that the Customer provides his or her ID to personally receive the goods, all for the purpose of executing the service of delivery of the parcel and keeping track of who received the parcel. If the Customer refuses to provide the data, the parcel will not be handed to him or her.
  • Sponsors of prize competitions in the process of handing the award to the winner, when MySkin cosmetics, who organized the prize competition indicates that the delivery of the prize will be organized by a sponsor.

The period during which the personal data will be stored

MySkin cosmetics stores the personal data of Customers registered on the website during the period in which the purpose of the processing is exercised. This period commences from the moment of activation of the registration.

MySkin cosmetics stores the personal data of registered Users who receive the products notices during the period in which the purpose of processing is exercised. This period commences from the moment of activation of the registration.

Access to personal data and correction of personal data

The Customer and the User may always access their personal data after the registration by accessing the “profile” on which the Customer may revise his or her personal data shared on the website The Customer and the User may request and obtain from MySkin cosmetics the full information on personal data that are stored as well as their correction by sending a message to the Data Protection Officer on:

Deletion of personal data (right to be forgotten)

The Customer and the User always have a right to request the deletion of personal data (right to be forgotten). The Customer may request this by sending a message to the e-mail address of the officer in charge of personal data protection and the data will be deleted within thirty days. The information on web shop purchases remains stored in the invoice for this purchase pursuant to other legal obligations. The User has the right to submit a request for deletion in each notification received by MySkin cosmetics via email, or he or she may send a message to the e-mail address of the officer in charge of personal data protection stating the request that his or her personal data be deleted.

Pursuant to the relevant data, MySkin cosmetics named an Officer in Charge of Personal Data who may be contacted regarding all issues connected to the processing of your personal data or exercise of the right to personal data protection.


Right to objection

If despite all measures taken to protect the personal data you believe you have a reason to object, report to the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer Of course, you have the right to report to the supervisory entity – the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Safety measures of personal data protection

The collected data is kept in electronic form and protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts the data and ensures that the communication between the Customer’s computer and the website takes place through a secure protocol. MySkin cosmetics takes the protection of data seriously and takes various precaution measures to protect the personal data. Unfortunately, no transfer of data through the internet or another wireless network is 100% safe. Therefore, even though MySkin cosmetics implements reasonable protection measures to protect the data, it cannot guarantee that any information transferred to or from the website is protected and it is not responsible for actions of a third party that receives such information. MySkin cosmetics may decide to store the personal data with a service provider within the EU and only exceptionally outside of the EU. This will be done only if there’s a decision of the European Commission regarding such country and its appropriateness and if the warranty and observation of the obligatory regulations on personal data protection are contracted.

Amending the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Personal Data may be amended by MySkin cosmetics at any time by publishing the amended text of the Privacy Policy at the website Therefore, MySkin cosmetics invites the Customers and Users to occasionally review this Privacy Policy. If the Customer or User has a disagreement with this Privacy Policy we direct them to leave the website and stop accessing or using the website in the future.

The amendment to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of Personal Data come into force immediately after their publication on the website

By continuing to use the website after the amendments have come into force, the Customer or User confirms and accepts the amended Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Personal Data.

Rules on the treatment of “cookies“ 

What is a cookie?

The cookie is information stored in the computer by the website you visited. Typically, your setting and website settings are stored, such as preferred language or address. Afterward, when you open the same website again the internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to this website. This enables the website to display personalized information.

The cookies may store a wide range of information, including personal information (such as personal name or e-mail address). Nevertheless, this information may be stored only if this is explicitly permitted because websites cannot gain access to information that you did not give to it and cannot access other files on your computer. The default activities of storing and sending cookies are not visible to users. Nevertheless, you may change the settings of the internet browser and independently select whether you will approve or reject the requests for storing of cookies and then automatically delete the stored cookies and other settings while closing the internet browser.

How to adjust the cookie settings?

By adjusting the cookie settings, you decide whether you will allow their storing on your computer. Managing and adjusting the cookie settings, as we said, can be done in the internet browser. For information on cookie settings, click on the name of the internet browser that you use. Some settings might depend on the device from which you access the internet (personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone) and not all of them are available in the Croatian language.

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

Samsung Internet (English language website) Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge Opera

Safari – iOS/Mac

If you disable the cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functionalities of the website

What are the temporary cookies?

The temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from the computer once the internet browser is closed. The web locations use them to store temporary data, such as items in the shopping basket.

What are the persistent cookies?

The persistent or stored cookies remain on the computer after the internet browser has been closed. The web locations use them to store data such as usernames and passwords, so that you don’t have to log in every time you visit a certain location. The persistent cookies remain on the computer for days, months, some of them even for years.

What are the first-party cookies?

The first-party cookies come from the web locations that you are viewing and they may be temporary or persistent. The web locations use them to store data that will be used during your next visit to this web location.

What are the third-party cookies?

The third-party cookies come from the content of other web locations, for example, advertisements, that are located on the web location that you are currently viewing. The web locations use these cookies to monitor internet use for marketing purposes.

Does use cookies?

The website uses cookies with the primary purpose of providing a better user experience.

What kind of cookies does use and why?

The session cookies – these are the temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) once you close the internet browser. We use them to enable the access to the content and enable the actions that may be performed once you log in with your data to

The persistent cookies – usually have an expiration date far in the future and will remain in your browser until they expire or until you manually delete them. uses persistent cookies for functionalities such as “memorizing” the user’s login, which makes easier to use. We also use persistent cookies to better understand the habits of users and accordingly improve the website pursuant to the patterns of use. This information is anonymous – we cannot see the personal data of the user.

Does have third-party cookies?

We use a few external services that store the user’s limited cookies. These cookies are placed for normal functioning of certain options that make access to content easier for users, as well as the sharing of the content through other internet services.

Social media

The users may apply and register through their own Facebook account or through Google. Also, the sharing of ads on these social networks places cookies.

If you wish to enable the aforementioned service from storing “cookies”, you may do it here.

Currently, there are a few internet websites for turning off the storing of cookies for various services. You can get more information on the following links:

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