Make-up removal
Daily make-up removal is a prerequisite for healthy skin; allows the skin to rest and breathe, deeply hydrates the skin because the nutrients reach clean skin; the possibility of inflammation is reduced because the pores are regularly cleaned from impurities. Consequently, we give the skin another chance for prolonging the youthful appearance after first signs of aging.
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Few of us have a perfect skin care routine where we never skip regular cleansing and do weekly peelings that keep the skin clean from sunlight, but also from heavy makeup. If you sometimes miss a few cleanses, the pores become clogged so the active ingredients of the serum and cream cannot open their full potential. Therefore, regular deep cleansing of the face is important.
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Facial masks

We use medical masks that contain many natural ingredients that additionally enrich and nourish facial skin. The type of mask is determined by skin’s needs and current condition. To achieve the ideal effect, it is good to combine masks with deep facial cleansing treatments. Masks can be used alone for daily skin care or as a skin preparation for treatment, even after a deep facial cleansing treatment (HydraFacial or InnoFacial).
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