Functional cosmetics

Functional cosmetics

Most people have more or less damaged skin, and skin cells are out of balance, which prevents them from functioning normally. In order for the cream to work, it is important that the skin cells are healthy and functioning normally, and that there is no skin damage. Most products are designed for healthy, undamaged skin, while in reality such skin is rare, and that is the reason for the poorer effectiveness of most cosmetics.

The key is to heal the cells first, get them back in balance, and recover. Creams only work if the cells are in balance. To achieve this, it is important to combine certain ingredients, which help you do so. Dr. Kaliterna has designed a number of functional creams that act on certain cell functions. For this purpose, it uses scientifically proven ingredients that most effectively restore the cell to balance. Dr. Kaliterna's idea is to combine various ingredients that have a beneficial effect on cells for the purpose of skincare and rejuvenation.

Dr. Kaliterna has designed functional cosmetics that have an effect on the skin’s recovery and balance, as well as on its health. At the same time, functionally, creams most effectively nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The cream may contain the best ingredients, but if the cells are sick, damaged, and poorly functioning, the results will not be satisfying.

Concepts designed by Dr. Kaliterna:


1. Detox concept:
If the cell is full of toxins, it cannot function properly, therefore the toxins should be removed. For this purpose, we created Zeoline, which uses the mineral zeolite, the most effective ingredient for removing toxins by binding them and removing them from the skin. Also, the Urban line uses numerous antioxidants to detox and protect the skin from external damage.

2. Cell rejuvenation concept:
The root of aging is in the cell itself. When various metabolic products are removed from the cell, it causes aging and cell damage. Aging weakens the natural process of removing toxins from the cell. Dr. Kaliterna uses the mineral zeolite in the form of tiny nanoparticles that easily enter the cell and bind toxins from within in order to remove them. When the cell is clean, it functions much better. Zeogold Nano is a cream that helps with cell rejuvenation.


3. Glycation concept:
The process of binding sugar to skin proteins is called glycation. Glycation is one of the main causes of skin aging. Anti A.G.E.-s cream has five ingredients that remove sugar from the skin most effectively.

4. Autophagy concept:
Autophagy is the key process in removing damaged cells, or so-called zombie cells that act like dead cells and no longer function. If zombie cells are not removed, premature aging occurs. Demirage cream stimulates the process of autophagy most effectively, and the process weakens ver time.

In addition to existing concepts, Dr. Kaliterna devises additional concepts. Dr. Kaliterna recommends using all of My Skin concepts by Dr. Kaliterna cosmetics for a year in order to rejuvenate the skin. That way, skin cells get everything they need to function better.


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