Rosacea - Facial skin redness
Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes redness, visible blood vessels, and sometimes tiny red pimples. Its cause is unknown, it can come and go, and there is no cure. However, rosacea can be controlled and symptoms such as redness of the face, swollen nose, swollen eyelids can be reduced. Rosacea cream is based on the anti-inflammatory effect, it is focused on the consequences, reducing the flare-up of inflammatory changes.
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If this unpredictable, chronic, inflammatory disease persistently causes you problems, the permanent solution lies in destroying the sebaceous glands with a laser and using anti-inflammatory cream, in order to attack the problem both from within and on the surface to achieve maximum results.
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Laser treatment to alleviate rosacea

In order to successfully cure rosacea, it is necessary to destroy the sebaceous gland, which is done using a Q Switch laser or a combination of lasers. It takes approximately five treatments to cure itself. Treatments are repeated once a month.

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