Cleavage - skin care
Extremely thin skin damaged by the sun, full of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and wrinkles, are the result of inadequate cleavage skin care since the early twenties. Antioxidants from fruit acids, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10, are active substances that can prepare you and prevent aging in time, as well as prevent side effects. Sleeping on your back slows down the formation of wrinkles, and using creams with SPF prevents the formation of permanent redness, darkening and freckles.
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Does your skin need more care?

The skin of the cleavage is the first to show signs of carelessness that we practiced for years – from wearing low-cut tops, driving the car without SPF cream, to sunbathing without applying adequate sunscreen. In more mature years, all these damages become visible, so it's the right time to fight them by hydration and deep rejuvenation with your own stem cells.
Is the blood rejuvenation treatment (PRP) for me?

Blood rejuvenation treatment

The goal of PRP treatment is to stimulate the natural processes of regeneration and use the body's own strengths. Stem cells are converted to collagen which is crucial for top results. The body gets everything it needs for rejuvenation and regeneration. The treatment stimulates a cascading reaction that accelerates and increases over time, which is the reason that the result is not seen immediately but becomes better over time. If desired, minor surface damage is done with the derma roller during treatment so that growth factors and stem cells penetrate deeper through the skin.

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