Anti-age hydration
Hydration is a necessary condition in preventing skin aging, slowing down the formation of wrinkles and thinning skin due to collagen loss. Night care is especially important because the skin regenerates from being exposed to the sun, wind, smog and cold. Daytime hydration, on the other hand, is important in order to prevent the aforementioned conditions from causing additional damage during the day and therefore undo nighttime regeneration.
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Anti-age hydration

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Sometimes we are impatient and want fast results – wrinkles vanishing as if taken away by hand! For this reason, the DermaFrac device is used, which causes micro-damage by enticing the creation of new collagen, which reduces wrinkles from within, but also paves way for active substances that penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it.
Is anti-age hydration for me?

Anti-age hydration with DermaFrac

Combining the precise depth of needle penetration, DermaFrac creates microscopic damage to the skin surface and at the same time injects the active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. DermaFrac treatment is a praiseworthy method that gives fresh look to your face and keeps its natural appearance with the effect of rejuvenation and prevention of aging.

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