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The youthful skin of the body raises our self-confidence, but the skin dries out and thins over the years, especially on the arms, legs and cleavage. Hyaluronic acid allows the skin to remain full and elastic, and regular hydration after showering regenerates dry, thin skin. Full, supple skin is the best gift we can give ourselves, making it a daily ritual dedicated only to ourselves.
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Cellulite and fat deposits are our hateful companions, but there is a solution for them as well. Melting the fat and removing cellulite in one go is not a pipe dream, we do it every day at Poliderma. But unlike other treatments that are quite painful because they penetrate the abdominal area, with Med Contour there is no damage and cellulite and fat deposits are removed.
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Med Contour treatment

Med Contour Multipower is a device of the latest generation in the world of non-invasive methods of body shaping and skin tightening which, combining ultrasound, radiofrequency and drainage, removes cellulite and adipose tissue from within and at the same time tightens and smoothens the skin. It is currently the most effective device for reducing body volume. It gives extremely good results when it comes to shaping the knees and buttocks.

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