Eyes – reducing under-eye bags
Eye bags are the result of accumulated lymph due to slow or difficult drainage. With quality sleep, detoxification and reduction of salt intake, we expel excess fluid and pave the way for removing bags under the eyes. By applying appropriate products, we improve microcirculation, and reduce swelling.
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Lack of quality sleep, and too much salt and alcohol intake makes it difficult for the body to excrete fluid and lymph that remain trapped in the area under the eyes, so the cream only is not enough to remove bags under the eyes completely. By improving microcirculation and reducing laser swelling, bags are removed, and wrinkles are also reduced by strongly stimulating cell metabolism.
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Facial skin tightening - Face Endolift

Endolift is a procedure of lifting and shaping the face with the help of a laser that heats the subcutaneous tissue with optical energy, creating new collagen and rejuvenating the skin. Due to the direct contact of optical energy with collagen, the treatment has the exquisite effect of tightening and shaping the face and is an alternative to the classic Face Lifting. Unlike surgery, it gives a 100% natural look.

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