Very dry skin
Tightness, stinging and consequently, peeling, are common features of very dry skin, and applying make up becomes a problematic task. Slow work of the sebaceous glands causes lack of lipids in the skin, the water evaporates more, leaving the skin dehydrated and dry. The rule of proper care is a combination of extremely mild cleansing and extra rich hydration, which strengthens the connections in the cells of the stratum corneum.
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Very dry skin

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Very dry skin is dehydrated at the same time and lacks lipids or fat cells. By introducing plant extracts and vitamins into the subcutaneous tissue by non-surgical method, especially with our own stem cells, skin regeneration is stimulated from within, while daily application of nourishing oils keeps moisture in the skin and prevents further drying.
Is Mesotherapy for me?

Mesotherapy with serum

Mesotherapy is a method in which vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other active substances are injected directly into the middle layer of the skin - the mesoderm. The role of mesotherapy is not focused on lifting the face and removing wrinkles, but on thickening the skin and preserving the youthful appearance.

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