Mature skin
Our skin begins to age in our 20s, when most of us are not yet thinking about our skin. Skin dehydration, loss of skin firmness and tone, hyperpigmentation, skin thinning and wrinkles are all signs of aging. Deep intensive moisturizing with oily textures locks moisture inside the skin; vitamins and minerals provide crucial nutrients, while stimulation for producing new collagen restores skin’s smoothness and firmness.
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Mature skin

Primary care

Secondary care

Does your skin need more care?

If you are not satisfied with your skin and you want fast and long-lasting results, it is necessary to stimulate the skin's regeneration process. The minimally invasive method uses biodegradable mesothreads under the skin, which improve the structure of the skin during the decomposition process, tighten and thicken it, while wrinkles almost disappear.
Is Aptos thread treatment for me?

Aptos thread treatment

Aptos thread treatment is a minimally invasive method in which Aptos threads are applied under the skin with atraumatic needles. The threads are made of a material from which special surgical sutures are made, which are used in various medical procedures and are completely decomposed in the body after 6–8 months.

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