New supercreams for fighting skin aging

New supercreams for fighting skin aging

It can be difficult to choose the product that is actually effective among countless others which swear to prevent skin aging. The problem with most products is that they are designed for healthy and undamaged skin, which, unfortunately, most people do not have. The skin must be healthy in the beginning for those products to work. Another problem is that most products also have a rejuvenating effect, and in order for it to work, the skin also needs to be healthy.

The prerequisites for the effectiveness of a certain cream are: a purpose and its effect, skincare, recovery aid, and the ability to rejuvenate. The causes of skin aging are numerous, but glycation is one of the main ones. It is the process of binding sugar to the skin and ineffective autophagy, i.e. the process of removing damaged cells, or so-called zombie cells that no longer function.

If the skin is not free from sugar and zombie cells, then the creams have little effect on skin rejuvenation. The precondition for rejuvenation is clearing the skin and getting rid of sugar and zombie cells. Only then are other products working.

Dr. Kaliterna designed creams that effectively clean the skin of sugar and zombie cells and launched them on the market. Anti-A.G.E.s cream contains five effective ingredients for cleansing the skin from all sugars. Another new cream called Demirage contains ingredients that stimulate the process of autophagy, which weakens over time, while at the same time it prolongs cell life. Demirage and Anti-A.G.E.s creams are indispensable for caring for and achieving beautiful and youthful skin.



Anti-A.G.E.s Cream

Binding sugar to skin proteins is the main cause of skin aging. This process is called glycation. Until recently, glycation was considered irreversible. Excessive sugar intake entices glycation. The more sweets you eat, the faster you age. As a result, the skin ages rapidly with the development of wrinkles and increased sagging skin that takes on a yellowish color. Anti-A.G.E.s cream can offer an effective solution in preventing aging and eliminating the negative effects of glycation. Previous creams have been effective only in preventing glycation, but they could not affect the negative effects of glycation. The reason for the success of Anti-A.G.E.s cream lies in the selection and application of the highest quality ingredients. Vitamin B3 entices the removal of sugar from the skin. In addition to the strong effect of preventing glycation, the cream also rejuvenates and reduces wrinkles thanks to silymarin, carnosine, and vitamin E. Carefully chosen peptides stimulate the development of new collagen while firming and shaping the face.


Demirage Cream

Autophagy is an important process when it comes to fighting against aging and disease development. Over time, your skin accumulates damaged cellular parts and so-called zombie cells that act like dead cells. Zombie cells no longer work and they cannot be replaced with new ones until removed. Autophagy weakens during life, which causes aging and disease development. It is therefore necessary to entice autophagy externally. Dr. Kaliterna carefully selected the most powerful ingredients that help start autophagy, and developed Demirage cream. Demirage cream actively prolongs the life of cells, which makes it effective. You might notice temporary minor flaking of the skin, which is a sign of effectiveness, as it removes dead and damaged cells to replace new cells. In case of dry skin or tightness, it is necessary to use a nourishing cream in combination with Demirage. Autophagy is a key process, not only for rejuvenation but also for whitening skin and treating acne. Demirage cream is an indispensable cream in skincare and rejuvenation.


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