Enlarged Pores
Enlarged pores are places where sebaceous glands open on the surface of the skin. They are connected to the surface by channels. Sebum comes out through the pores, and its role is to prevent dry skin. Enlarged pores are an aesthetic problem. In some people, they can be very pronounced and look like scars. Impurities that promote inflammation accumulate in the pores, and daily facial hygiene is difficult because the pores are harder to clean, so it is necessary to clean the face several times a day.
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Enlarged Pores

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If you don’t want to apply pore-narrowing cream all the time but you do want to look your best at an important event, what can you do? Enlarged pores can be a persistent aesthetic problem that can be removed for quite some time with the help of laser technology, giving you carefreeness in important moments.
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Laser peeling

Laser peeling involves the partial mechanical destruction of the sebaceous glands to avoid overly drying the skin. After some time the sebaceous gland recovers and enlarges, but never to the size it was before treatment. The laser causes damage under the skin that ejects and thus removes the pore. During the treatment you feel heat and burning, and its advantage is recovery from 1 to 5 days. At the same time, the treatment has a beneficial effect on acne, and smaller scars are reduced.

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