Anti-age dry skin
As dry skin ages, it deals with two problems causing the same, i.e. over-dried skin. As dehydration is the cause of dryness, but also thinning of the skin, which makes it more prone to wrinkles, it is clear that it is necessary to use very intensive care to avoid unwanted consequences. No smoking and limiting sun exposure are also important if you want to slow down the further drying out of already dehydrated skin.
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Anti-age dry skin

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Secondary care

Does your skin need more care?

Bee Venom rejuvenation cream effect can be intensified with deep rejuvenation. By injecting the serum directly into skin, vitamins and minerals are brought inside, which, along with micro-damaging the skin, additionally stimulates collagen production. The result is renewed, thicker skin that doesn’t dry out easily.
Is anti-age mesotherapy with serums for me?

Mesotherapy serums treatment

Mesotherapy is used for refreshment and rejuvenation, and it is ideal for aging prevention. Using microinjection technology, microscopic damage is created on the skin surface, and at the same time anti-age serums are applied, used for the purpose of rejuvenating facial skin and achieving a shiny, healthy and radiant look. This treatment allows you to choose from several types of applicators.
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