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Preventing wrinkles is the most effective way to having beautiful and well-groomed skin in mature age. However, as it is not the only factor in the formation of wrinkles, but lifestyle, genetics, various pollutants and stresses play an important role, prevention may have escaped us. If we are really late for that train and the collagen level has already decreased, the skin around the eyes has become dry and thin as paper. However, with intensive nourishing oils and encouraging the development of new collagen, situation can be kept under control.
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If you want an instant effect, Botox is a great tool for removing deep wrinkles because it acts directly on the junction of nerves and muscles, preventing muscle contraction, and thus the formation of wrinkles. With regular care using rejuvenating eye cream that contains bee venom, a natural Botox, the effect is even more pronounced and long-lasting.
Is Botox Treatment For Me?

Is Botox Treatment For Me?

Botox treatment significantly reduces pores, increases the development of collagen, rejuvenates the skin, which after Botox treatment looks much more beautiful and is softer to the touch. It is successfully used to treat headaches, acne and redness.

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