Neck - skin care
A beautiful, taut and well-groomed neck is an extension of the face. Since there is no subcutaneous adipose tissue, it can easily develop wrinkles and skin can start sagging, the sun and smoking being the main culprits. The skin starts to age in our twenties, so this is an ideal time for preventative skin care. The protective factor, antioxidants such as vitamin C, and proper nutrition are prerequisites for stimulating the natural regeneration of the skin and maintaining collagen level, which is responsible for its elasticity.
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Neck - skin care

Primary care

Secondary care

Does your skin need more care?

If you have neglected neck skin care and it looks older than your face, but you do not want to wait for the regenerating lotion to improve its condition, the neck can be rejuvenated faster and easier. Depending on the wrinkles, damage and thickness of the skin, choose the appropriate treatment especially for you.
Is neck rejuvenation for me?

Laser treatments

Laser treatments are successful for rejuvenating and caring for neck skin. The laser causes microscopic damage under the skin and stimulates the replacement of old collagen with new ones. Laser treatment is the most effective and safest neck rejuvenation treatment because it simultaneously removes hyperpigmentation, reduces wrinkles, tightens, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

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