Problematic skin
The tendency to create acne, enlarged pores, scars and inflammatory conditions marked by redness are characteristic for problematic skin. Aggressive cleansers and insufficient hydration dry out the skin and create more sebum. Pressing and touching acne will increase inflammation and create hyperpigmentation as well as scarring. With a systemic approach including diet regulation, regular deep cleansing of the face, application of oily skin cream and stress reduction, we give problematic skin the opportunity to recover.
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Does your skin need more care?

Do you want to permanently get rid of enlarged pores without worrying about the time of year, the type of cream you use, or the room temperature that makes them even wider? Rejuvenation and regeneration of the face, neck and cleavage skin by closing pores without long-term recovery is possible. FRAC 3 treatment stimulates collagen regeneration, reduces sebaceous glands and reduces redness in the area of inflammation, i.e. in the area of acne itself.
Is FRAC-3 a treatment for me?

FRAC 3 laser treatment

FRAC 3 treatment aims to rejuvenate face, neck, and cleavage skin, stimulates collagen renewal with a strong effect of regeneration while opening closed pores and reducing recovery time.
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