Skin hydration
Any type of skin can be dehydrated – from very dry to problematic. Aggressive care disturbs the delicate balance of elements in the skin. The most common mistake is to shower in water that is too hot, as it doesn’t remove impurities, but damages the protective surface layer of the skin. It is necessary to choose the optimal formula according to your skin type. Dry skin requires rich oily textures, while oily and problematic skin will benefit from light moisturizers.
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Skin hydration

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Does your skin need more care?

With extremely dehydrated skin, it is sometimes more difficult to reach deeper layers to nourish the skin, because the surface is so dry that it does not allow the penetration of active substances from moisturizers. In this case, it is necessary to inject nutrients or even your own stem cells directly into the skin. Improved blood and lymph circulation allows the body to regenerate and moisturizer to moisturize the skin.
Is Mesogun treatment for me?

Mesogun tretment

Mesogun is a cosmetic device for mesotherapy that injects active substances deep under the skin using small needles. The device resembles a pistol and contains a controlled depth of penetration for the needles below the skin surface. Mesogun makes the skin elastic and soft, improves metabolism, lymph and blood circulation with the aim of reducing wrinkles, whitening the skin and retaining moisture, as well as improving the structure and quality of the skin.
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