Eyes - dark hyperpigmentation
Spots, shadows, darkening around the eyes that isn’t typical eye-bags, can be caused by external factors such as smoking, hormonal imbalance, kidney function disorders and insomnia. By reducing the production of melanin, which is responsible for tanning the skin around the eyes, their visibility is reduced, and antioxidants released slow down the thinning of the skin, which makes hyperpigmentation even more visible.
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Does your skin need more care?

If you want to remove the negative effects of smoking, hormonal balance and insomnia on your skin, we recommend stem cell treatment. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate other cells. These are our own cells that, depending on the place of application, adapt and become the desired tissue, regenerating the problem area.
Is stem cell rejuvenation for me?

Stem cell rejuvenation

Rejuvenating stem cells restores skin vitality making it softer and more elastic. Stem cell treatment aims to: rejuvenate and shape the face, neck, cleavage and hands, shape and enlarge the lips, reduce scars and stretch marks, reduce wrinkles (especially around the eyes and earlobes), and remove dark hyperpigmentation under the eyes.

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