Neck - skin rejuvenation
The skin of the neck and back ages faster than the skin of the face because it usually does not receive the same amount of attention, so the signs of aging are more intense. Once relaxed, the neck skin requires intensive care to restore elasticity by stimulating collagen production and hydration, in order to slow down skin thinning. But as it is a challenging region, changing lifestyle habits, which includes a healthy diet, hydration and exercise, encourages recovery from within.
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Neck - skin rejuvenation

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If you want to work intensively on the condition of your neck skin, in addition to changing lifestyle habits and regular care with appropriate cosmetics, you can rejuvenate your neck with non-surgical treatment of neck skin tightening, where laser heat stimulates the formation of new collagen without damaging the skin.
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Femi Tight treatment

Femi Tight is a special non-invasive method that serves to shape the face and body by melting small accumulations of fat deposits and removing cellulite. Controlled deep heating destroys fat cells and cellulite that disappear from the body through urine and creates new collagen for tightening and rejuvenating the skin. Femi Tight is a great method for relieving wrinkles on the face, neck and cleavage.

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