Facial wrinkles
For some, wrinkles are charming, but others want to avoid getting them at all costs. Whatever your preference, you have a choice. The first step is certainly prevention. Using skin-nourishing products that stop and reduce collagen loss that leads to skin thinning and the appearance of wrinkles is a must. If wrinkles have already formed, initiating the creation of new collagen is important in order to restore skin elasticity and reduce existing wrinkles.
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Rapid formation of new collagen for larger and deeper wrinkles is possible by combining rejuvenating eye cream and radio-wave treatment that simultaneously stimulates the development of new collagen, tightens and cools the skin, with the possibility of very precise action on specific wrinkles, such as smile lines.
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Cryo Face RF

Cryo Face RF is a cutting-edge facial skin rejuvenation device that uses the power and efficiency of two combined technologies – Hyper Pulsed RF and cooling, to combat the signs of aging. The treatment effectively reduces wrinkles. With the help of two RF holders, the whole face can be treated and act on the periocular and perilabial areas. Thanks to its specific shape, it enables more intense and precise action on wrinkles.
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