Eyes – skin rejuvenation
Eyes tend to betray us long before we are ready to even think about aging. The main culprits are dehydration and loss of moisture that lead to thinning of the skin and wrinkles. When we add to that that the skin around the eyes can be up to 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, and there are no protective fats, it is clear that skin aging starts right around the eyes. Stimulating the skin to produce new collagen restores lost elasticity, and deep nourishment with rich oils locks moisture in the skin.
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Radio waves penetrate into deepest layers of the skin that creams cannot reach and double the rejuvenating effect of sensitive skin around the eyes. If you want fast and clearly visible results, try combination of creams with the effect of Botox acting on the outside, as well as deep power of radio waves acting on the inside. You will get quickly soothed wrinkles, reduced bags around the eyes and alleviated dark circles.
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RF Pen treatment

The RF Pen is an extremely effective method based on using a device with a small needle. Radio waves are delivered by needle pricking to the deepest layers of the skin. We create twice as strong production of collagen and elastin and get tighter skin and reduced scars.
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