How to get rid of cellulite?

How to get rid of cellulite?

How is cellulite formed?

The causes of cellulite can be external and internal. It is not possible to influence the internal causes, which include estrogen, thyroid, and insulin hormones. The estrogen hormone is responsible for regulating fat, connective tissue, and muscle.  If there is excessive estrogen in the body, the hormone will stop functioning optimally and therefore fat storage is being formed. The lower level of thyroid hormones and insulin will lead to slower and weaker removal of harmful substances from the body, resulting in cellulite.
The external causes of cellulite are the ones that we can influence directly. Reduced water intake, poor posture, sitting, stress, and diet are some of the biggest causes of cellulite formation. Due to low water consumption, the accumulation of harmful substances is being stored in the body. Besides that, metabolism slows down and the consumption of fat as a source of energy is reduced. Poor posture and sitting, low body activity, and stress narrow blood vessels and prevent proper blood flow. This is also one of the causes of cellulite, while increased estrogen intake is caused by poor nutrition.


How to get rid of cellulite?

Luckily, we can affect the internal and external causes. On the internal causes, we can mostly affect by nutrition. However, on the external causes, we can influence by raising awareness of the causes and encouraging healthy habits. Those habits are directly related to reducing cellulite and helping the rest of the body.

Physical activity

Muscle activity encourages fat burning, circulation, and the removal of harmful substances which will result in the reduction of cellulite.


Healthy diet

Replacing unhealthy fats with omega-3 fats will meet your body's needs and reduce cellulite. Next to that, it is needed to add more fruits and vegetables to the diet. Besides that, foods enriched with vitamin C and potassium are also welcome.


Water, water, water

Besides reviving and moving our bodies, water greatly influences the reduction of cellulite. Water accelerates the metabolism and helps the body to get rid of harmful substances.

The body posture


When sitting, it is recommended to lean your back and not cross your legs since it prevents blood flow and encourages cellulite formation and varicose veins.

Stress relief

It is necessary to become aware that mental health is our priority. Next to that, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of life. For instance, body massage helps circulation, provides relaxation to the body, and has a calming effect. 

Next to the mentioned steps, keeping your body healthy can be accomplished by regularly using Cellumorphic lotion for cellulite prevention and reduction of fats.

Anti-cellulite lotion - Cellumorphic

By using Cellumorphic lotion you can reduce cellulite and fat deposits while tightening the skin. Its active ingredients will dissolve your fat deposits, tighten the body and improve blood flow.

The lotion is applied twice a day by gently massaging the needed body areas.

What makes Cellumorphic different is its ingredients. One of the main ingredients of this cream is ivy extract. Due to its active ingredients, ivy extract restores the subdermal layer of the body, improves blood circulation in places of cellulite, and removes accumulations of fatty tissue and excess water.

Another ingredient that affects the reduction of cellulite is caffeine. It increases circulation and provides the body with all the needed nutrients. As one of the ingredients in the body lotion, caffeine stimulates blood flow and prevents the accumulation of fat deposits in the cells, but also breaks down existing fat deposits.
You can view the detailed ingredients list of the lotion by clicking on Cellumorphic.

Dr. Kaliterna's advice

"Your lifestyle influences the appearance and amount of cellulite itself. Healthy food, water, and physical activity help in reducing cellulite."

Dr. Dinko Kaliterna


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