Cleavage – skin rejuvenation
If we have not taken care of the cleavage skin, in our forties it can look significantly older than the face, most often due to poor sleeping conditions and excessive sun exposure without adequate protection. Hyaluronic acid is the basis of the skin that shrinks with age, and is found in moisturizers, giving the skin much-needed volume and eliminating years of carelessness. It should be noted that hand skin is exposed as well as cleavage skin, so you can apply the same care products to both areas.
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Severely damaged cleavage skin that has lost tone and volume can look much older than your face. If you want to enhance the regeneration effect of Body Repair lotion, rejuvenating the skin of the cleavage will stimulate skin renewal from the inside, and it will be fuller, brighter, while redness and pigmentation from sun damage will be less visible.
Is cleavage skin rejuvenation for me?

Rejuvenation of the cleavage skin with Endolift

Endolift is an excellent treatment for rejuvenating and tightening cleavage skin. With the Endolift, the laser fiber is pulled under the surface of the skin and acts on it by applying optical energy. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Only one treatment is needed for the final result. For additional cleavage skin care, you can use following My Skin products: B4 Oil, B5 Body, Body Repair and White Skin Body Lotion.

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