Body - hyperpigmentation removal
Hyperpigmentation can appear on all parts of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun, and in addition to the face and neck, the affected areas are the cleavage, hands, calves and shoulders. Pregnancy melasma occurs on the face and stomach. Acne is another cause of hyperpigmentation, and it appears not only on the face, but also on the back, shoulders and cleavage. Kukui nourishing oil reduces hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin nourished without greasing it.
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Body - hyperpigmentation removal

Primary care

Secondary care

Does your body skin need more care?

Do you want to remove perennial hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure as a result of aging or acne? Hyperpigmentation on the shoulders, hands, cleavage or neck? No worries, there are adequate treatments that can remove them, regardless of the cause or body area.
Is laser body hyperpigmentation removal for me?

Laser hyperpigmentation removal

The treatment uses electromagnetic energy that mechanically destroys the pigment and changes the skin almost completely. Fractional laser causes microscopic damage below skin’s surface that is ejected along with the pigment, and the damaged part is replaced with new connective tissue in the place of hyperpigmentation.

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