Dark under-eye circles
Eyelids are fluid retention around the eyes, and can be persistent, stubborn companions regardless of your age. They can signal of serious illness, but they can also be caused by life choices such as nicotine consumption, insomnia, too much salt intake and dehydration. The use of cold compresses, alleviated swelling and slowing down the thinning of the skin reduces dark circles visibility, and changing life habits is an additional ally against them.
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Does your skin need more care?

If you want to remove dark under-eye circles really quickly, Piano Eye laser is currently the most effective treatment for smoothing facial skin, and thus removing hyperpigmented under-eye circles. By heating the tissue, it penetrates deeply into the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen, brightening hyperpigmented under-eye circles and tightening the skin.
Is Piano Eye a treatment for me?

Piano Eye treatment

Piano Eye treatment uses a laser to heat the tissue under and above the eyes to damage old collagen, strengthen existing collagen and create new collagen. The purpose of the treatment is to prevent and slow down the skin aging around the eyes and restore freshness. The treatment works very well on hyperpigmented eyelids. Currently, this is the most effective treatment for whitening, i.e. smoothing the complexion.
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