Skin detoxification
Skin intoxication caused by contemporary lifestyle is not uncommon. Loss of skin shine and tone, dry and saggy appearance… Those are all signs that we need a general skin cleansing. Peelings and revitalizing masks allow us to intensify cleansing as a supplement to daily skin care, remove stubborn impurities and allow the penetration of regenerating ingredients of serums, lotions and creams.
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Does your skin need more care?

Smoking, smog and the sun damage the skin on the surface, but also on the inside, which is not visible to the naked eye. Accumulation of toxins in the body occurs due to lack of oxygen in the tissue. If we want to deeply cleanse the skin and remove accumulated toxins, it is necessary to detoxify the skin from within. Stimulating production of red blood cells by ingesting high amounts of oxygen in the blood reduces inflammation, makes circulation better and allows the body to cleanse itself from within.
Is ozone therapy a treatment for me?

Ozone therapy /UVB blood oxygenation

Ozone therapy, a highly active form of pure oxygen, is a natural therapy used primarily in medicine to regenerate damaged tissue and accelerate its healing. Ozone therapy removes toxins from the body, reduces inflammation, regulates pH and activates blood circulation in damaged areas, therefore allowing the body to heal itself.
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