Stretch marks - prevention
Stretch marks are caused by stretching the skin too fast, which can occur almost obviously during pregnancy. Genetics primarily decides if you get them and to what extent. Prevention of stretch marks in pregnancy is possible by applying oils rich in antioxidants that strengthen the structure of the skin, while raising its elasticity, giving your skin the opportunity to stretch without cracking the connective tissue.
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Radio waves are based on electromagnetic energy that passes through the skin depending on the type of tissue. The passages create heat due to tissue’s resistance to the passage of radio waves. Heat causes damage to the connective tissue, which leads to rejuvenation, the formation of new collagen and the strengthening of damaged connective tissue. Metabolism speeds up and fat cells reduce in size.
Is stretch mark prevention treatment for me?

Venus Legacy tretment

Venus Legacy uses radio waves and electromagnetic energy combo and is used primarily to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, prevent and alleviate stretch marks and tighten the skin while having weakening effect on fat cells. The device combines radio waves and magnetic energy for non-Russian face and body shaping.
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