By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 28.9.2018.

It is a great misconception that water washes or cleanses the face and that this is the required facial hygiene. The water does not clean the face, but only dries it. There is an acidic and oily layer that keeps the skin from detrimental environmental influences. In order to remove impurities captured in that protective layer, one should use the oil-removing substance, which is what water is not. The oil may only be removed by oil solvent, whereas water removes the substances soluble in water. This is why it is required to use the cleansing milk, gel and micellar solution in order to remove oil from the face, i.e. impurities.

The basic requirement for the cream to work is to be used on cleansed skin. After being washed with water, the face is not cleaned and the cream works significantly weaker. When you wash face with water, the skin only dries because the loss of water from the skin is increased due to water evaporation. It is not required to wash face with water after cleansing nor wash face in the morning.

Facial irritation occurs due to chlorine and other components in the water, particularly in dry, sensitive skin and persons prone to neurodermatitis. The water must not be applied to the face in that case.

The skin changes each 30 days, but major part of dead cells remain “stuck” on the surface, thus suffocating the skin, forming a layer that is clogging the pores. The pores are the main path for cream’s penetration to deeper skin layers. If the pores are clogged, the cream cannot penetrate, thus producing no effect. When the pores are clogged, regardless of the type of creams you are applying, the cream only suspends in layers, which additionally aggravates the condition and clogs the skin.

Consequentially, no cream whatsoever is suitable, and the completion deteriorates. This is a sign that a deep skin cleansing treatment should be done urgently. Zeomilk cleans the face and pores most efficiently compared to all the other products for regular cleansing. Also, Zeopeel mask helps cleaning pores, particularly suitable for enlarged pores. In enlarged pores, the Scarless cream is recommended as it narrows the pores.