Whitening line

A unique Whitening line collection is intended for removing, alleviating and preventing pigmentation occurring on the face and body. The line includes products for facial cleansing and facial and body care. It is intended for whitening and balancing the facial and body complexion. White skin 1 night cream eliminates and relieves pigmentation, daily cream White skin 2 prevents development and reoccurrence of pigmentation, White Skin Cleansing Milk for facial cleansing and care relieves pigmentation, while White Skin Body Lotion is intended for removing hyperpigmentation of the body, occurred as a consequence of sun exposure. The products do not contain the banned hydroquinone. Unlike other anti-pigmentation products, these products may also be used during the summer, when needed the most. All products were dermatologically tested and their efficiency was cientifically confirmed in the most prestigious dermatological magazines.

The White Skin 1 night cream for reducing pigmentation and balancing complexion is one of the best-selling creams from the cosmetic line My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna. The reason is that it is proven to be effective, already within the first several weeks of application. Since it showed to be exceptionally efficient, dr. Kaliterna decided to supplement the line with additional products, in addition to the already existing White Skin 2 cream for maintaining results of applying the White Skin 1 cream.

The key ingredient is the natural “bleach”, butyl resorcinol, the only one affecting all four phases of pigment development, which is why it is the most efficient in fighting all pigmentation:

• it blocks the main enzymes for pigment production (so-called tyrosinase and TRP1)
• it stimulates degradation of bubbles of pigment which contain the pigment and transport it to the surface cells
• it stimulates tyrosinase degradation
• it blocks melanocytes, i.e. pigment cells

Butyl resorcinol has a strong effect on skin detoxification, rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates increase of the main enzyme reductase which removes radicals – harmful cells. It also significantly stimulates build-up of new collagen, which is why it is also used for reduction of acne scars.

The burning sensation, which may occur while applying the cream White Skin, shows that the face is impure and full of toxins. These creams, by the nature of their composition, stimulate skin detoxification, which also stimulates skin cleansing and thus, we may say they neutralise the skin. The cream is “alive”, efficient, takes effect promptly and it is possible that its application causes a temporary complexion worsening due to inflammatory changes, during the skin cleansing from toxins. Therefore, the complexion worsening should not be a cause for concern, it is merely a sign that the skin is being cleaned and the inflammations shall pass quickly.