UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT SKIN - The most common errors in skin care

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 25.2.2019.

Skin care is essential. We all mostly have the same goal when it comes to skin care – for it to be clean, smooth, soft and youthful. We sunbathe it, we apply different creams and lotions on it… But what do we really know about skin? Skin beauty depends on a number of factors, from our diet to the products we apply on it. Below are less-known facts about skin care and the most common mistakes.

Make-up remover wipes actually damage the skin

In short, the biggest problem with wipes is the chemicals they contain.

Wet wipes are full of chemicals that remove the substances from your skin, but they are only useful if you wash off the traces that the wipes leave on your skin, as you would with regular cleansers. With wipes, you remove dirt but substitute it with chemicals that create a layer on the skin that can cause a number of skin damages, such as irritation, rashes, dryness, pimples and the like.

Also, the wipes remove only 50% of impurities from the face, which means that the other 50% remains on the skin and clogs the pores, which results in many irregularities appearing on the face. If you are using wipes that contain alcohol (and most of them due), there are high chances that you will develop wrinkles earlier.

Which cleanser to use instead of wipes?

It is well known that the most effective face cleanser is the micellar solution, and you can find the highest quality one in our Basic Line. The micellar solution will thoroughly remove all impurities from your face, without any harmful consequences.  It is suitable for all skin types.

Collagen as a dietary supplement does not eliminate wrinkles

When you take a collagen supplement, it spreads throughout the body. Collagen thus has no effect on the skin of your body or face. Do not waste money on products that claim that collagen is delivered to the skin through the digestive tract. This will simply not happen.

How to successfully eliminate wrinkles?

One of the most famous and most successful methods is certainly the external application of anti-aging cosmetics. When choosing the ideal product, pay particular attention to their ingredients.

In the offer of My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna, you will be thrilled by the anti-age line. The 5 oil cream is enriched with as many as 5 nourishing oils which renew, refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

By getting the base tanin a tanning bed, you do not reduce the risk of burns at the beach

Tanning in a tanning bed before going on a vacation does not create a “protection” from the sun. The only reason for this delusion is the fact that burns are less visible on tan skin. Sun protection in the summer days is imperative, as UV rays can have very damaging consequences, and even result in skin cancer.

Avoid going to the solarium and exposure to the sun during the hours when it is the strongest, and make sure you apply sunscreen. You can find them in our Whitening cosmetic line. In addition to protecting the skin from sunlight, it is also effective in combating pigmentation and for complexion harmonization.

8 glasses of water a day is not enough for nice and hydrated skin

Drinking the recommended amount of water definitely contributes to your skin, but proper care is also necessary. If your skin is mostly dry in the winter, you need intensive hydrating creams that will protect you from wind, cold and hot air. It is also well known that oils are excellent hydrating products that effectively regulate the skin’s moisture.

For perfect dry skin care, check out our Oil line and Zeo line collection.

Frequent washing of the face doesn’t always help in the disappearance of acne

Although it is advisable to wash the face to reduce the appearance of acne, one should keep in mind not to do it too often. Too much washing can irritate problematic skin and further aggravate the situation.

It is advised to use water-based products when washing.  Of course, when combating acne, the choice of quality cosmetics is crucial, so do not forget about our rich offer of anti-acne products: Clear skin,  Zeo milk and Zeo mask.