By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 9.1.2019.

We are all aware that nutrition plays an important role in our life. The food that we consume is reflected in every aspect of our life and in our everyday activities. On the other hand, unhealthy dietary habits eventually become visible on the outside as well.
Apart from an increase in the body weight, problematic skin may occur as well. Even though there is a number of factors that may affect the appearance of our skin, such as genetics, bad hygiene, stress, and other lifestyle habits, bad diet leaves the biggest

Fatty foods – main cause of acne
Unlike in the case of our genetics, we have control over our dietary habits. By avoiding unhealthy, greasy and over-seasoned foodstuff, that is fast food, you can prevent the appearance of acne. Fast food is mostly made of foodstuff rich in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Not only do they contribute to obesity, but they are among the main culprits for the appearance of acne and impurities on your face. Foodstuffs with high glycaemic index and greasy processed food stimulate increased insulin secretion. This results in endocrine reactions, including the increase in testosterone levels which affects the appearance of acne, and therefore it is necessary to avoid foodstuffs from that category.

Among such foodstuffs are:

Full-fat dairy
Junk food
Fizzy drinks, artificially sweetened juices, energy drinks
White bread

Replace the above-mentioned foodstuffs with food rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids provide the skin with softness and velvety appearance, vitamins contribute to skin renewal and protection, and minerals such as zinc provide protection against skin diseases such as pigmentation and other abnormalities. Ensure the necessary intake of vitamin C through vegetables, and replace the cow milk with almond, coconut, rice or soy milk. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, and you can eat walnuts as a rich natural source of zinc and unsaturated fats.


Taking into consideration the modern lifestyle and its fast pace, a complete change of the menu can present a real challenge. Since it is hard to ensure the intake of above-mentioned foodstuffs in the amount required through the daily menu, people around the world turn to alternative and more simple methods of achieving healthy skin. Among those methods may also be the use of dermatologic products such as creams, masks, and solutions. They have a significant role in face care, and their daily use may have a positive impact on problematic skin. Facial impurities may cause a series of skin diseases.

Those that are accumulated throughout the day prevent the functioning of natural defense mechanisms, and therefore daily facial cleansing is extremely important in order to achieve healthy looking skin and prevent the appearance of blackheads, acne, and similar abnormalities. From the rich offer of My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna cosmetics line, we would like to mention Clear Skin product
line as the best tool to fight problematic skin, and the Basic Line which includes a micellar solution for face cleansing intended for all skin types, as well as Rich Cream creams for everyday face care.

Their unique ingredients create a protective layer on the surface of your skin, and in that way make it resistant to adverse environmental effects and to the appearance of skin. You can find all necessary nourishing and moisturizing values for
your everyday skin care in the Basic Line and you can incorporate the Clear Skin cream into your daily routine for even better results and a clean and smooth face with no acne.

Basic Line micellar solution was created by unique formula of a renowned dermatologist, Dr. Kaliterna. It is well-known that micellar solutions are the most effective products for skin cleansing, and the unique composition of the Clear Skin line further contributes to deep skin cleansing. It is intended for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin with imperfections.