By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 25.2.2019.

In a world where beauty and physical appearance are increasingly gaining importance, the beauty industry is constantly advancing and bringing us new ways of preventing aging and skin damage. Below you can find the latest skin care research results and how you can apply them in your everyday routine.


Numerous studies have shown that pollution can contribute to premature aging of the skin. Research of a cosmetic brand in Mexico and China has shown a reduction in hydration and increased sebum production among participants who have been over-exposed to pollution. It is also known that aggressors cause skin staining and brown spots.

As if the pollution itself is not bad enough, in combination with UV rays, it has a double effect on the skin. When linked to exposure to sunlight, the pollution damage is transformed into what is known as “photo pollution”, causing oxidative stress in the body and accelerating the aging process.

Oxidative stress occurs when the amount of harmful free radicals in the skin reduces the ability of the skin to repair properly, damaging our cells, proteins, and even our DNA (genes). The experts say: “Our lifestyle can significantly affect how pollution affects our skin. Like UV rays, cigarette smoke can also cause this “double effect”, combining with pollution that damages the skin. “

How can we help fight the signs of pollution?

When it comes to damage caused by UV radiation or pollution, adjusting care and nutrition can really help improve the occurrence of symptoms.

The use of high-quality hydrating creams is necessary because it will create a barrier between your skin and free radicals and other pollutants. It is also recommended to apply sunscreen on face and neck, as well as additional vitamin C intake.



Maple trees provide us with sap from which maple syrup is produced. Researchers have now discovered that these trees can provide us with even more! Maple leaves extract can actually prevent the formation of wrinkles. A team of scientists from the University of Rhode Island, who have presented their work at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Boston, have found the benefits offered by maple leaves.

The chief investigator of the project explained that there were historical records of the healing use of maple leaves used by the Indians. She said the Indians had used red maple leaves in traditional medical systems.

Skin elasticity is maintained by a special protein called elastin. When the skin ages, wrinkles are formed because the elastase enzyme degrades elastin. A team of researches tried to find out whether maple leaves extracts could stop the elastase enzyme.

It has been established that the composition of maple sap not only prevents wrinkles but also protects the skin from inflammation and removes dark spots, pigmentations and freckles.

Researchers have called it “plant-based Botox” which can be applied to the skin and does not have to be injected like Botox. This news will surely delight the lovers of natural products!



You must have heard of the many benefits of hyaluronic acid and its beneficial effects on the skin, but new research has shown that hyaluronan can also serve as an antioxidant. This means it serves as a shield against free radicals caused by pollution and other external factors. Since skin moisture significantly decreases with aging, leading to wrinkles and rough skin texture, it is necessary to include hyaluronan in regular anti-aging care.



In addition to protecting against harmful UV radiation and reducing the risk of skin cancer, sunscreens help fight wrinkles too! A new study shows that regular use of sunscreen protects against photo-moderation: occurrence of wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to ultraviolet sun radiation.

Although they may not be shocking, findings of Australian researchers are the first to quantify the anti-aging properties of sunscreen. The surface of the skin reflects sun damage on deeper skin layers, especially on elastic fibers and collagen.

Therefore, in the fight against aging, do not forget about sunscreens, and take advantage of their many benefits for your skin!