Detox - a really needed step in skincare during winter conditions

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 11.2.2020.

The power of a healthy life depends on our ability to remove toxins from our bodies that harm not only our physical health but also our mental health. What is important about detoxification is that we should not neglect our skin as it is our largest organ that is most exposed to pollution. In recent days, we have witnessed unprecedented pollution, and in such cases, proper facial cleansing is urgently needed.


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Detox is a very popular word at the beginning of the new year, and mostly refers to cleansing the body of everything we consumed during the holidays or how much time we spent in the bad air. In addition to the body, it is certainly not a stretch to provide detox to our skin, which is just as tired as the beginning of the new year.

At the beginning of the year, we want to change our current life habits, but poor lifestyle habits are not necessarily related to eating. Detox is a major topic every January, but apart from clearing toxins from the body, it is equally important to cleanse the skin of the body which, due to the adverse environmental effects, takes on a tired appearance.


Good skin cleansing is constantly being talked about, which is a kind of confirmation of how important the step is and how to properly cleanse the face. Facial cleansing is a must-have item every morning and evening, and you can do just that thoroughly using makeup removers or cleansing milk that penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it clean and fresh.


After removal of the surface layer of impurities from the skin, it is necessary to remove the dead layers of the skin and renew and regenerate it by exfoliation in order to receive a healthy glow.


Deep cleansing is the ideal start to effective and successful detoxification, and you can remove the toxins found in your skin with face masks. We use them to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, restore their natural glow and even the complexion.


As a final touch, use Vitamin C or zeolite-based serum that absorb all the toxins and massage your face for about five minutes to restore skin circulation. End your detox routine with a moisturizer, as skin moisture is very necessary during the winter and low temperatures.


For the purpose of detoxifying the skin, products of the Zeo line containing mineral zeolite will help. Mineral zeolite has the greatest power to absorb the binding of harmful particles to remove them, thus providing a detox to the skin with a soothing effect, care and rejuvenation.

The products of the Zeo line that will help you achieve proper detoxification are:

Zeo milk – cleansing milk that cleans and removes toxins and heavy metals from the skin with quality detox. It also cleans clogged pores because nano zeolite, due to its extremely small size, penetrates the pores deepest.

Mineral zeolit

Zeo serum is a serum that forms a surface detox of the skin and aims to create a protective layer that protects the skin from harmful substances from the environment by absorbing all the toxins on the surface and neutralizing it. Also, serum promotes cellular skin rejuvenation.

Mineral zeolit

Zeo Gold – a cream that is intended for daily skincare and restoration, and due to the zeolite minerals, is responsible for the powerful effect of detoxification and skin renewal. Gently and gently recovers sun-damaged skin while eliminating tired appearance and freshness and radiance.

Mineral zeolit

Zeo Gold Nano is a cream that uses the finest zeolite particles, and they promote the removal of harmful particles from the cell itself as a result of metabolism. It directly acts on the cause of aging and promotes cellular rejuvenation. The cream also removes other toxins and metals from the skin with a strong rejuvenation effect.

Detoksikacija lica


For best effect, it is recommended that products be combined with Zeo Mask and Zeo Peel:

Zeopeel is a face mask exfoliator designed to renew, rejuvenate and deep-clean pores. It cleanses the skin and pores successfully and removes all harmful substances and acts as a scrub as it contains nanoparticles that, like microparticles, penetrate into the deepest pores and clean them most thoroughly.


Čišćenje lica


Zeomask not only cleanses the skin but also cells of the skin as its microparticles penetrate the cell deeply and collect harmful substances, thereby promoting cell metabolism and increased collagen production.

Removing toxins and heavy metals promote strong skin renewal with a rejuvenating effect and have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The mask promotes skin renewal and significantly improves the structure, appearance, and quality of the skin as it directly affects the cells themselves.

To protect your skin after proper detoxification, include a Radiance Serum from Urban Line collection in your routine that is designed to protect the skin from environmental damage. It primarily protects against smog and sun, but it is also intended to rejuvenate and prevent skin aging.

The serum is based on Vitamin C, which prevents the action of free oxygen radicals and protects the skin from UV rays. It also provides an anti-age effect that makes the skin soft to the touch and prevents pigmentation.

Serum - Vitamin C za urbane sredine


When using Zeo line products, the appearance of a complexion such as pimples may occur. This is a consequence of skin detoxification because the products contain a mineral zeolite that has a great ability to cleanse the face of toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. Such phenomena do not represent an alarming condition but a positive change because it explains the deep cleansing of the face from toxins.

Mineral zeolite has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you feel a change on your face, feel free to continue using the products as the changes will disappear over time. Removing toxins from the skin is a very important item in regeneration for the skin to function normally.

This will give your skin the much-needed treatment that will make you immensely grateful. At the same time, you will preserve the beauty and youthful appearance and prevent aging. Proper skincare is constantly being talked about, and the skin of the face is treated with Zeo line products every morning and evening.

Consumption of harmful foods, the harmful effects of nature and lack of sleep are the key influences that our skin remembers, so give it a quality detox to ensure it returns to its required balance!

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