How to prevent winter influence on making your skin more dry and damaged?

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 20.2.2020.

Given that it is winter time and spring is approaching, you want to get rid of dry and damaged skin as soon as possible to prepare it for warmer weather. In some cases, extremely dry and chapped skin occurs as a result of a fall in temperature, but problems such as dermatitis, irritation, the emergence of scabies and allergies are even bigger on cold days. The skin on the legs, arms, and elbows is thicker than in other regions of the body and may be prone to dryness and cracking. If you notice that the same thing is happening to your skin, you will want to continue reading the text. We share tips on how you can finally solve skin problems with our favorite My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna product, which will surely help you rebuild your skin, and to learn more about the product, keep reading stories below!   WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON SKIN PROBLEMS DURING WINTER? We can say with certainty that seasonal dry skin belongs to a group of irritating problems that we experience during the winter.