MySkin by dr. Kaliterna about to be featured during  Import Goods Fair in Seul, South Korea

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Press Posted 17.6.2019.

A unique MySkin by dr. Kaliterna Whitening line collection intended for removing, alleviating and preventing pigmentation occurring on the face and body is about to showcase during the Import Goods Fair (IGF) which will be held in the COEX Convention Center Grand Ball Room, Seoul, South Korea from 27-29 Jun 2019.   Whitening line collection consists of products specially designed for facial cleansing and facial and body care. It is intended for whitening and balancing the facial and body complexion and has been awarded numerous times awards for timely results and innovation.     The White Skin 1 night cream for reducing pigmentation and balancing complexion is one of the best-selling creams from the cosmetic line My Skin by Dr Kaliterna. The products do not contain the banned hydroquinone and unlike other anti-pigmentation products, may also be used during the summer, when needed the most.   All products are dermatologically tested and their efficiency was scientific