Why do I have trouble finding the right cream for my face?

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 15.4.2019.

A beautiful and nurtured skin is every woman’s dream and it is no wonder that creams became an integral part of everyday facial skin care. The offer is so rich that finding an ideal cream can. Have you ever tried a new, “excellent” facial care product that made your skin even worse? That product probably wasn’t intended for your skin type. Whether you want to stop the signs of ageing, remove acne or just hydrate your skin – choosing an ideal facial care product may present a real challenge! We tend to apply wrong products to our face more often than we think, so if you noticed that your condition worsened after using certain creams, maybe it is time to make some changes. Pay attention to ingredients in the products you are buying. Look for natural products which contain collagen, numerous vitamins and minerals. Apart from that there are a few more things you should consider when buying facial cream. Determining your skin type This is the most important step when choos