Famous dermatologist Dr Dinko Kaliterna has received worldwide recognition for White Skin Cream 1, which could replace lasers in the future

By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Press Posted 6.12.2019.

White Skin 1 Cream is the result of a combination of nature and technology that solves all pigmentation problems without bleaching the skin! White Skin 1, from the My Skin by Dr Kaliterna collection, is a cream for care, regeneration and rejuvenation of all skin types, and was created by the recipe of Dinko Kaliterna – doctor of dermatology and venerology is known as the founder of Poliderma Clinic, world-renowned in the fields of dermatology and anti-ageing treatments. White Skin 1 cream just won the “Enrico Follador Award 2019” at a congress in Italy, and has been re-awarded at the same congress in Lima, South America. White Skin 1 cream eliminates pigmentation without whitening the skin and other side effects, because of it affects all stages of pigment development by stopping the tyrosinase enzyme, which is the main culprit for pigment development. Not only it stops the development of the pigment, it stimulates its breakdown, blocks the transfer to cells