Anti Age line

Anti-aging collection is intended for prevention of aging skin and improving skin structure, in order for it to shine in a vibrant, youthful shine. Gentile texture perfectly adheres to the skin, and the cream’s nutritive bases will make it silky soft to touch with powerful and noticeable anti-aging effect.

The anti-aging line consists of three facial creams (5 OIL, Silk Touch Light and Face Refresh) and a body lotion (Body Repair). It’s about special creams that gently, but efficiently regenerate the skin on the face, neck and cleavage, giving it a velvety softness and shine.

The application of the Anti-aging collection products makes the skin fresher, improves its structure, rejuvenates it and prevents aging.

5 OIL cram for skin care and regeneration prevents skin aging with exceptionally strong effect of recovering the skin barrier that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. Its formula contains 5 anti-aging oils, making it suitable for all skin types. Noticeably calms the skin after exposure to sun, heat, wind and cold, and also alleviates skin inflammations and injuries. It is also suitable for irritated skin after the treatment and after
aesthetic facial treatments.

SILK TOUCH LIGHT cream, with formula based on medicinal comfrey, neem and turmeric, besides renewing skin from harmful environmental influences, also regenerates and rejuvenates the skin by daily application. It gives your skin softness and shine, just like the silk.

FACE REFRESH cream based on miraculous comfrey will renew the facial skin by its light texture and powerful formula, with the strong rejuvenating and regenerative effect on each skin injury.

BODY REPAIR lotion for body skin care, based on comfrey is recommended in daily skin care, particularly for sun-damaged skin. Exceptional results of Body repair lotion application have shown in the treatment of the cleavage area, as one of the symbols of femininity.