By Dr. Dinko Kaliterna In Blog Posted 11.12.2018.

Our skin is a reflection of our lifestyle. It remembers every stressful situation, every ray of sun, every
cigarette, any bad eating habits or other bad habits which are visibly reflected on our skin and
accelerate the aging process. At around 25 years of age, first signs of aging and of the harmful impact
of the environment become visible on the surface of our skin. Thin lines appear first, followed by
wrinkles that become visible with time as well. The loss of volume, tightness, and tonus of the skin
becomes apparent. Our skin ages for various reasons and some of them cannot be avoided or
changed. However, thanks to the development of the beauty industry and the recognition of the advantages of
natural ingredients, we are offering you a solution to that problem!

The story of this amazing cosmetics started when Dr. Kaliterna prepared a natural remedy made of
comfrey for his wounded father in order to ease the great pain he felt in his joint. Upon the
application of the mixture on the skin, all the pain was gone, and Dr. Kaliterna noticed that the
wounded hand on which we had applied comfrey looked significantly younger in comparison to the
other hand. The appearance and the quality of skin were greatly improved, and he decided to use the
comfrey mixture on the other hand as well, in order to exclude any coincidence. The other hand was
also rejuvenated, and there was no more difference between the hands. Having learned from this
experience, Dr. Kaliterna came up with the idea to create cosmetics based on natural ingredients. As a
result, a series of products we successfully use as therapy in various dermatology issues and skin
restoration after laser treatments as they have a strong skin restoration and rejuvenation effect.
The specific nature of My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna cosmetics line lies in the fact that it is the only
cosmetics line tested in the most extreme cases of dermatology diseases and it proved to be
extremely effective and successful in the most severe dermatology conditions and diseases. In order
to prove that the cosmetics work for skin restoration, care and healing, we used it after laser
treatments which cause skin damage. The My Skin by Dr. Kaliterna cosmetics line accelerated the
recovery of patients for 60 – 80%, which is the best proof that said cosmetics really work in the
process of skin care and restoration. It is important to note that the results of cosmetics application
may be compared to the results of laser application. All the products are dermatologically tested and
successfully used on a large number of patients, they do not contain parabens and are not tested on
animals. Natural ingredients, mostly herbal, have been used for the manufacture and the
manufacturer is based on the latest cosmetics manufacture technology and in compliance with the
highest standards: ISO 22716 and GMP.

The goal of Dr. Kaliterna was to create cosmetics for his patients which would form the best skin
care for skin restoration and rejuvenation, and which would heal the most severe dermatologic
issues. The result-measurement of cosmetics application under the professional supervision of a
physician is also one of the advantages of this cosmetics line. Through his continuous check-ups
and “before and after” photographs, Dr. Kaliterna measures results and improvement following the
use of cosmetics in a transparent manner, and he is always at the service of his patients and clients
that use said cosmetics. In order to verify its efficiency, numerous testimonials of our clients have
been filmed, along with the constant publication of results of the application of My Skin by Dr.
Kaliterna cosmetics.